Are you afflicted with Scoliosis or other spinal ailments?

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  Our organization is dedicated to helping everyone who suffers from Scoliosis, and other spinal deformities, enhance their quality of life.


Personal Health: Along the Spine, Women Buckle at Breaking Points

An 80-year-old friend was lifting a corner of the mattress while making her bed when, as she put it, “I broke my back.”

In fact, she suffered a vertebral fracture — a compression, or crushing, of the front of a vertebra, one of the 33 bones that form the spinal column. This injury is very common, affecting a quarter of postmenopausal w...

Scoliosis House


Scoliosis International is dedicated to supporting scoliosis patients and their families from diagnosis through recovery.  Scoliosis International recognizes the significant impact having corrective surgery has on patients and their families.  The recovery and rehabilitation process can be overwhelming to families whose resources are already strained.  In order to assist patients and families in their time of need, Scoliosis International is seeking to bridge the gap between the hospital and home. 


Scoliosis House will act as a transitional facility in close proximity to the leading hospitals in spinal care for patients and their families on both a pre-operative and post-operative basis.  On a pre-operative basis, Scoliosis House will team with

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Scoliosis is an affliction that does not recognize borders, and therefore, Scoliosis International aims to operate as a non-profit without borders.  While patients in the United States have access to cutting edge treatments and physicians with the skill to set them on a course toward a normal life, patients in other countries may not be as fortunate.  Scoliosis and spinal deformities must be identified early and treated quickly for patients to have full expression of their lives. 


Not all people have easy or regular access to medical care, let alone specialists who have the ability to identify and correct spinal deformities.

Forget About Crunches. Here’s How to Protect Your Back.

If you have not suffered a vertebral fracture, adopting an exercise routine that improves posture and strengthens back muscles can go a long way toward preventing one. And if you are already plagued by back pain due to vertebral fractures, the exercises and protective movements described below may bring relief and prevent the problem from getting...

Community Support


Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of community.  When facing a difficult diagnosis, it’s comforting to be able to turn to people who have been in your shoes.  Scoliosis International will host support groups for families to share their experiences, trials, and happy endings.  As membership grows, Scoliosis International will host sessions focused on more individual needs.  For example, Scoliosis International will host meetings specifically for patients to gather and discuss everything from their diagnosis, surgery, recovery, and coping mechanisms.


Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of family support, and will also host meetings specifically to meet the caretakers and parents needs.  Caretakers will be able to share their stories, their anxieties, and find companionship and support in those in their same position. 

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Scoliosis International recognizes the importance of innovation and development.  Without the labor of researchers, scoliosis would wipe out any opportunity to function on any normal level.  It is important that researchers continue in their quest to find more advanced predictors of scoliosis, better screening techniques, and expand the field of treatment options.