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Spaceflight 'may damage eyesight' PDF Print E-mail
Spaceflight 'may damage eyesight'
Astronaut (Nasa)Missions to the space station last six months, but missions to Mars could last years

The eyes and brains of astronauts who have spent long periods of time in orbit can develop abnormalities, new research has suggested.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on 27 spacefarers found effects...

When Unneeded, Induced Labor May Increase Complications PDF Print E-mail

FRIDAY, March 9 (HealthDay News) -- Inducing labor when it's not necessary increases the risk of cesarean section delivery and other childbirth complications, a new study says.

The Australian researchers noted that induced labor is common and increasing in many countries. In many cases, labor is induced for "social" and other "non-recognized"...

Doctor looks to China for spinal injury 'cure' PDF Print E-mail
Doctor looks to China for spinal injury 'cure'

One of the world's leading researchers into spinal cord injuries says China could hold the key to a cure that he has been searching for since he met late actor Christopher Reeve in the 1990s.

US-based Doctor Wise Young first used the word "cure" in relation to his work after a conversation with Reeve, the "Superman" hero who became quadriplegic in...

Your guide to fixing back pain PDF Print E-mail

(Health.com) -- The back is literally your body's support...

New Methods Could Speed Up Repair Of Injured Nerves PDF Print E-mail
New Methods Could Speed Up Repair Of Injured Nerves

Pinwheels like these are often used to test nerve responses.

When a nerve is injured, it's often hard to get it to regrow fast enough to restore function.

But now researchers say they can speed up that process, so that damaged nerves can be healed in days instead of months — at least in rats.

The scientists say they've developed a...

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